The 4 L’s

I heard a new one the other day that all you need in life if the 4 L’s.

  1. Learning- constant learning keeps us interested, engaged and up to date.  Without it we tend to feel stuck in a rut and that we are falling behind.  It doesn’t matter what you are learning, piano, corporate finance or Arabic it is the process of learning and reactivating the brain that leads to satisfaction
  2. Loving- it makes the world go round.  Starting with loving ourselves and then others a life without love is 2-d.  For me a life partner gets you up to 3-d but it is the love for a child that catapults you into 4-d.  Only they have the ability to laser past all one’s defences and directly touch our hearts with a little podgy finger
  3. Living- a bit nebulous this one.  I think what is means is just embracing the ups and downs of life and seizing the opportunities that come your way
  4. Legacy- as we get older this becomes the pressing question.  Related to my thoughts on purpose (see link below) a legacy is the answer to our question of why are we here.  It can be very different for different people- we don’t all need the tallest building in London named after us- but knowing what yours is or will be is a key part of sleeping well at night

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