The early mid life crisis

You may have read the articles last week about the mid life crisis starting at 35 based on research done by Relate.  It seems we are heading into a perfect storm of work stress, worries about money, young kids and ageing parents.  Sound familiar?

Are you part of the 21% that felt lonely, or the 20% that are having sex less than once per year (does that mean 0.5 times per year?)

So any quick fixes I hear you ask?  Well no, but to me there are two key ingredients that keep perspective intact through this tough period in our lives.  Firstly we need to have a clear view of our purpose.  If we are not on purpose we need to be very clear why and have a plan moving us in the right direction.

Second we need to have the right work-life balance.  This can be different for everyone but rest assured if it is out of balance, and particularly if the workload is not on purpose, stress will escalate and the mid life crisis will be upon us.

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