Outwardly successful inwardly questioning

OSIQ– Outwardly successful inwardly questioning. The more clients I work with the more I see this pattern repeat itself.

The classic symbols of success- wealth, big houses, holidays, cars are being increasingly challenged.

The undisputed fact is that despite a great increase in wealth over the last 50 years we are no happier than we were 50 years ago. In fact we are seeing alarming rises in depression and other mental health problems. Tackling this is the central mission behind Action for Happiness, a force for positive social change which officially launched last week. in fact it has been quietly building up over 10,000 members.

They have identified Ten Key Ways to Happier living which I think are worth a look.  There are at least 5 on the list that I spend time working on regularly with clients;

  1. Set challenging goals which I can achieve
  2. Choose my own attitude whatever happens to me
  3. Accept myself and build on my strengths
  4. Exercise and take care of my body
  5. Find meaning by being part of something bigger

OSID– outwardly successful inwardly delighted is possible for everyone.

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