Work-life balance survey

Thank you to those of you who completed the career and work-life balance survey. If you haven’t yet then go to and answer the 6 quick questions. The preliminary results are really interesting. 60% of you would like to make changes in your work life, followed by 54% with money (the two are clearly linked). One of the areas I often explore with clients is whether the answer is changing jobs, or changing the way they interact with their current role.
A useful exercise is to imagine your perfect job, write down what would be
important to you about this job, and then compare to your current job. There
is an easy to use free tool at on the offers and books page.
Other interesting insights from the survey include work life balance where
most people feel it is 80% work and 20% life and would like it to be 60/40.
I work with many clients on this area and improving skills such as time
management can have a major impact.
So what are you waiting for? Download your template, buy the app and if you
would like some 1-1 coaching email me at


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